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Usually, there are several reasons for us to want to travel and visit faraway lands: meet people, discover a new culture or religion, recharge or batteries etc... But often, the discovery of new natural scenery is the one reason that pushes us the most. Here are the best 5 natural destinations to rent a cottage in and enjoy great natural landscapes according to our experts…

Chili / Bolivia

Both countries certainly bring beautiful scenery. The Andes between Chile and Bolivia are the most beautiful views you could ever observe. In northern Chile, the discovery of the Atacama Desert offers a nice introduction to a getaway towards Uyuni in southern Bolivia. It connects the colorful lagoons, dotted with flamingos and amazing stones, before reaching an unlikely but grandiose salt desert.


How could we talk about natural destinations without mentioning Iceland? Its large panoramas, its geysers, hot springs, volcanoes...Well, everything in Iceland is dominated by Mother Nature! A theatre of fantastic natural phenomena, Iceland offers an exceptional show for all lovers of wilderness and

Western US

The US has the advantage of being a huge country with a variety of landscapes. The American West offers great parks that appeal to travelers looking for natural scenery. The national parks are linked to large panoramas (Monument Valley), amazing geological formations (Arches), spectacular canyons (Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon), a huge lake (Lake Powell), and you may continue to Sequoia Park to observe the giant trees, or to Yosemite to discover forest, lakes and rivers in some beautiful surroundings.


It may seem surprising to see Colombia in this ranking! We especially want to show you the diversity of this land when it comes to its landscapes. Go there and discover the mountains, valleys with coffee plantations, the Amazon jungle, as well as a desert and some small beaches and hiking trails in the mangroves! Colombia is also the country where you find palm trees in the mountains and cactus down to the seaside!


Nature is omnipresent in Madagascar. In the north of the island, you discover amazing landscapes, with specific geological formations (red tsingys, and the Ankarana Park) and gorgeous beaches, like the 3 Bays and the Emerald Sea. For hiking, the Park of the Amber Mountain will appeal to botanists, while the area of Isalo, to the south, offers great hiking trails.

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