Holiday rentals in the UK: find the best houses and apartments

best houses and apartments

Published on : 20 June 20195 min reading time

The United Kingdom is a major commercial and social centre in the world. With such a history, more and more people come to visit and do business. For visitors, sites like help in identifying a suitable choice on whether to rent an apartment or a house. This article provides a guide for anyone who would wish to come to the United Kingdom for a holiday.

The Difference Between an Apartment and a House for Renting

Apartments are usually a group of houses which hosts more than one people in the same compound or floor. A storey flat is a good example of an apartment where two or more families can share a floor but with individual houses. Flats to rent were strictly built for commercial purposes, and any development is geared towards income earning.
A house is a stand-alone structure, with a compound and can only house one unit (a single person or a nuclear family). Although the houses might be used as a holiday home presently, most houses were for a family who relocated or was left unattended due to other factors, but renovated. So when a visitor gets a house to rent, they are the only ones within the compound. The significant difference between apartments and houses is the number of people or families in one compound.

What to Look For in Choosing Between a House and a Flat for Renting

1. Duration of Stay – the number of days one stays in the United Kingdom might determine what form of accommodation is preferred. If one has a long holiday, he or she will prefer a flat to rent because the rates are cheaper and have all it takes to mingle with his or her flatmates.
2. Number of People on the Holiday – if the whole family is going on vacation, it is advisable to rent a house because of its economies of scale and the space in the garden for holding family activities. On a flip side, a couple’s or a one person’s holiday is better in a flat.
3. Proximity to Social Amenities – irrespective of whether the accommodation is a house of a flat, or the occupants are a whole family of one person, if there is a sports facility or a hospital nearby, the deal is good. Sports facilities are good for outdoor activities while a hospital helps in case of a medical issue.
4. The cost incurred – flats for rent are cheaper compared to houses due to the space provided. Personal activities in a flat are confined into the room, while the shared garden can only host a collective activity, either agreed by the property owner or all members of the flat. The case is different for houses.
5. Activities to undertake when on holiday – if garden partying and bonfires are part of the holiday, then it is advisable to find a house for accommodation.

Possible Locations for Holiday Rentals in the UK

• London – London has over 1900 houses and 9300 flats to rent. The number is attributed to the availability of nearly all human needs and wants. There are also exotic destinations with culture and modernity taking centre stage.
• Wales – the country has over 10,000-holiday accommodations for grabs. Past visitors have given it good ratings, thanks to its exotic natural features and friendly locals. Rates per night vary from apartments to apartment with all facilities included. Some locations include Swansea and Cardiff to the South and the Snowdonia National Park to the North.
• Edinburg – this is one of the biggest towns in Scotland. Despite its cold climate, there are good cottages for accommodations. June to August is the best time to visit, with monumental sites like the Edinburg Castle, The National War Museum and Museum of Scotland.
• Cornwall – its location is unique on its own, with a coastline on it’s South, West, North West and South East. Tourist locations include Saint Ives, Newquay, Port Isaac and Penzance. Cumulatively, there are about 10,000-holiday houses and apartments, with a price ranging from £25 upwards.
• York – it might be a small town in the middle of the kingdom, but rich in history. It has about 750 rentals and a host of activities and places to visit.


The choice of either rent a house or apartment is a personal choice, with each form of accommodation having its own advantages. The weather might also be a deciding factor, but the utility of such arrangements are varied amongst users. However, the underlying fact is that the United Kingdom has one of the best guest housing projects and facilities in Europe.

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