How to travel to the USA using the green card lottery?

green card lottery

Since Columbus, America became a popular destination for immigrants. Most were Europeans at this time and immigration to the ‘new world’ full of hope and promise became a ‘thing’ for all kinds of people. Some were looking for a fresh start, some just for adventure and some for business. The reasons were too many to mention. In more contemporary times however, there has been a deliberate attempt to control the influx of immigrants into the US. As a matter of policy, strict measures have been put in place to affirm and achieve this control. Among the legitimate ways through which entry into the US may be gained, the Green Card Lottery program is popular. This program grants immigrant visas to 50,000 individuals who are randomly selected. This visa popularly known as a green card confers a permanent residence status to the individuals making them and their immediate families eligible to live work and study in the US. In the paragraphs which follow, this text delves into the fundamentals of the program and offers valuable and highly beneficial insight into the same.

Lottery Eligibility

In order to enter the lottery one needs to meet several requirements. These conditions are not constant. They change every year, thus, it’s best to keep an eye every time they apply. There’s no age limit, however, individuals are required to have a high school certificate and to have been working for a minimum of 2 years this clearly indicates that one must be above 18years. For more information you can click here.

If eligible then one can freely (no charges) apply for the USA green card online. Application is done annually in October and results released after 6 months. The Participants who weren’t selected can participate in the lottery the following year.


Selected individuals undergo various processes in order to get the green card. In order to be lawfully accepted as permanent US residents, participants are required to apply through the US Embassy offices available in your respective country.

The following are the processes that one needs to follow in order to acquire the USA green card: • One has to be eligible to apply for the Diversity Visa and this can be achieved by filing a petition which is done by family, relatives or other people as long as they are living in the USA. • After verifying the petition, the US Embassy can either approve or deny it. • If the petition is approved then an appointment is scheduled for an interview with the Consular office. • The Embassy will approve the Visa. The participant will be given a “Visa packet” and required to pay the USCIS Immigrant Fee. The Visa packet is restricted and should not be opened except by a US Customs and Border Protection officer at the port of entry. People are advised to pay the fee online prior to leaving their country. • The participant can now travel to the USA and patiently wait for about 45 days before getting the green card. In case of failure to receive it within the stipulated period, one may contact the USCIS Center. • For the people whose petition was disproved, the US Embassy provides information as to why they did so and also inform the petitioners whether they can appeal the decision.

Reasons for disqualification

The lottery selects a quite large amount of people to enter the competition. However, only 50,000 visas are given every year. The US Embassy is among the places where the application for the visa can be disregarded. Below are few reasons as to why the applications may be nullified: • Health issues The results and findings obtained after a medical examination such as the applicant having diseases like TB, Ebola and other medically related issues. • Criminal offenses If the applicant in question is a convict or has been involved in illegal activities such as prostitution, money laundering, drug and human trafficking among others. • The applicant is a threat to the US If the USA government finds out that the applicant’s aim is to cause havoc and lead to insecurity in the country. • Failed Petition and failure to attend the interview If the petition filed is disproved by the US Embassy or the applicant fails to attend the interview set by the Embassy office.


Traveling to the US through the Diversity Visa Lottery has changed the lives of so many people from different parts of the world. Individuals who win the contest get the opportunity to be a permanent resident of the United States of America. The system is not biased and each person has equal chances. So go on, apply the Green Card inscription 2020, and Good Luck because you need it.

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