Holiday car rental in the UK: try the peer to peer car rental

Holiday car rental in the UK

Hiring vehicles in the United Kingdom it is now easier than ever. Most car rental companies in the UK use traditional vehicle renting methods where you first go to their agency and fill out forms. A new peer-to-peer car rental service in the UK has emerged, and in this model, cars are packed all over in the cities for you to pick-up. There are many advantages of peer to peer car rental UK, and they will be explored in this article.

The United Kingdom is one of the most historically rich countries in the whole world. With its breathtaking countryside, beaches, and beautiful cities, it is one of the most diverse tourist hotspots in the world. The best way to enjoy the beauty of the country and the vast differences in terrain and settings is driving. The UK has excellent road networks that make it the perfect county to drive in.

How Do You Rent a Private Car in the UK?

The peer to peer car rental London allows for car owners to directly rent their cars to clients. Hiring a car using Drivy is easy; you can visit their website or download the Drivy UK application. On the site, you will fill out all the required information to ensure a complete profile. You will also be required to enter the location where you want to hire the car in the homepage. After you have created an account, varieties of cars for rent will be displayed for you to choose, according to your needs, and then you send a request to the owner of the car of your preference. The request may be accepted or rejected. When your request is accepted, you will make a payment online to confirm your private car hire in London. Once that is done, you will be able to contact the owner and discuss the pick-up details.

What Are the Requirements for Using London Car Hire?

The minimum age requirement for using private car hire services in the UK is 21 years. Regardless, most car owners are reluctant to rent their cars to people who are below 25 years old or above 70 years old. You can use your driver’s license to hire a car in Drivy UK. However, you should note that these drivers’ licenses have to be written in English. If your license is in another language, you can apply for an International Driver’s Permit (IDP). Another major requirement is that the renters should not have had a conviction or at least two minor convictions in the past 5 years. Also, those with more than 6 points in their driver’s licenses cannot rent cars in the UK.

How Much Do You Have to Pay for the Services?

The charges for the rental car are determined by the owner. Normally, the owners charge 30% less than traditional car hire companies. The total amount of money charged will primarily depend on the duration of your hire and the category of the car. Drivy UK also gives you the option of paying an extra fee to cover possible damages of the vehicle. This option is known as the excess reduction option, and it will affect the total cost of the service. If you pick the excess reduction option, you will pay less money if you damage the car. If the damage is reasonable, the insurance company will cover the full cost of the damage.


In the United Kingdom, you can affordably and conveniently hire private cars if you choose to try the modern peer to peer car rental services. These services allow you to rent the car directly from the owner with no middle man, and this helps to reduce the cost. In many cities of the UK, you expect to find rental cars available in various spots. When filling the registration, make sure you provide all the required information because many car owners will be reluctant to rent their cars to people with an incomplete profile.

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