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A cottage is a relatively small house. The word “cottage” originates from England where it used to mean a home with a ground floor and a storey of bedrooms contained within a roof space. In many other regions, “cottage” is used to refer to a tiny old-fashioned villa.

The word “Cottage”

When it comes to modern usage, it usually refers to a modest and cozy residence, typically in a rural place. In the UK, the word means a small habitat of traditional build, while this can understandably be used in modern dwellings so they would look like traditional ones (mock cottages). In the United States the term cottage is used to refer to a small holiday dwelling although it has to be said that similar habitat styles have existed in cities since they were built essentially to house slaves. Elsewhere like in Canada, cottages generally have no precise connotations of size. In some regions like in Russia, Scandinavian countries, Baltics and others, the word has specific local synonyms: in Swedish stuga, mökki in Finnish, keuterij in Dutch, suvila in Estonian, hytte  in Norwegianin. In the United States such a holiday accommodation is more commonly called a “chalet or a "cabin".

Cottage style

The cottage style encompasses different looks according to designers and architects. Meanwhile, for many of us, cottage style means most of the objects around the house are handmade and crafted or refurbished in a unique manner and a very personalized way of doing things. It's generally about texture, color and materials, about merging the brand new and the old and about joining aesthetic to convenience… While there are numerous facets of cottage style, almost every one of them has three main principles: comfort, charm and coziness.

In order to be considered a cottage, a building must be relatively be small ad cozy. In some countries, believe it or not, there is specific legislation dictating the dimensions of such a dwelling. Generally, it has to have one story, although it can have a second half-story for storage.

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